Polyglot Persistence

  • PHP[Tek]
  • Chicago, USA
  • Jan, 2015

Polyglot Databases

NoSQL databases are every where and surely they are here to stay. But does this mean relational databases are dead? For a successful scalable web application it is vital to understand capabilities of NoSQL databases and their usage.

Relational databases are not dead and they will not be. They have proofed abilities which facilitates the implementation if fits with the data model.

Through out an experience for an online game in Ubisoft Montreal we learned that using a polyglot persistence solution, a system which consists of both SQL and NoSQL solutions would fit the best for what was the best for players.

In this presentation I will go in to the details of the problem we were facing, possibilities and final solution’s implementation. I would explain how the live data migration happened from a fully relational database solution to a hybrid of NoSQL and SQL solutions with zero down-time.

The major etchnical decisions, and the benefits of each would be discussed in details to give audience a perspective of what could be achieved within a Polyglot persistence systems.

The Hybrid system has been on Production since October.2012 with no downtime since.

Polyglot Persistence